What if you had more joy in your Life?

What if…like the dolphins leaping and playing in the ocean…you freely
​expressed that ​vibrant, joyful exuberance? 

What would you be doing now that would make your heart sing?

​I'd love to be your Guide To more Joy!
As a creative team, you will be inspired, energized and empowered to:

RECLAIM the essential, natural Joy that your were born with,​ and
  FREE the blocks to let your joy shine out.​

• Find and follow your own True Path to Joy, in all areas of your life.

• Generate Vibrant Zest; Creative Life Balance, & Playful, Easeful Flow.
Discover your Deep Dreams and Desires,and make them Real.
Align with Inner Resources, transformative Tools and Source, to boost your 
 ​confidence, courage, and enthusiasm for your “Hero’s Journey to Joy".

​Release fears, stress, self-sabotage: the “I can’t”, “I’m not enough”,
 ​“what will others think?”, ​and any other roadblocks... while staying on course.

​Find purpose and fulfillment by sharing your purpose and joy with the world.

• Enjoy and Celebrate each step and success along the way...day by day.

 I offer a wide variety of services and transformative tools for body-mind-spirit.
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Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC



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Let's explore how working together would support and empower you​ to achieve your goals for a happy, fulfilling life.

We can also see if working together is the right fit.​​

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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can,
   begin it. Boldness has genius, power
         and magic in it. Begin it now!"

                                             ~ Goethe

CLAIM Your JOY NOW...No Matter What!
ighten Up • Live the Life You Love • Thrive!​

​      Follow your Bliss, and the life that you ought  to be living
                                   ​is the one you are living. 
                          Don't be afraid, and doors will open
                         where you didn't know they would be.​

​                                                                                         ~ Joseph Campbell​
Services Offered:

  Joyful Life Coach​​ing
& Keynotes​
orkshops & Programs
 ​  Laughter Yoga Playshops
   Qigong classes
   Emotional Freedom (EFT)​
   The Sedona Method​ for letting go
    Voice Dialogue​
    Intuitive Card Readings​
    Drum Circles
Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC
           ~ Your Joy Guide ~

​C​ertified Life Coach • Speaker • Transformative Programs