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  Claim YourJoy...No Matter What!
    with Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC  
                      ~ Joy Guide ~

​​For more than fifty years, Barbara Lovejoy has offered a wide variety of professional services to individuals and groups in the fields of Self-Empowerment and Holistic Well-Being. She enjoys brightening up her client's lives as a ​Certified Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Leader, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and Certified Qigong Teacher.

She also offers transformative and practical tools that help her clients discover and follow their own unique paths for living their best, fulfilling life, while they also make their best contributions to the world.

Her clients have included corporate groups, non-profit service organizations, professional and private groups, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.​

She customizes her one-on-one sessions and group programs to meet the unique needs of each client.

As a Speaker and Workshop Leader, her clients have included:
- Make-A-Wish Foundation of America:  Keynote break-out program for Life Balance for managers at a National Conference.
- American Academy of Pediatrics Regional Conferences: break-out Life Balance workshops for three locations.
- International Association of Business Communicators (IABC): workshop for annual National Conference.
--International Waldenstrom's Foundation (IWMF); a Laughter Yoga Playshop.
--Noon Time University; where she presented worshops for various organizational clients.
- International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy Conference: workshop.
- United Airlines: Management coaching and consulting for staff member.
- Levi Strauss: Stress Management workshop.
- John F. Kennedy University: Chairperson of the Graduate School for Holistic Studies, where she also served as Adjunct Faculty.

Barbara holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from the University of Califoria-
Los Angeles (UCLA); and a Master's Degree in French from the University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.
She sees herself as a continual learner on the path of Life, Love and Joy, which as she says,
​"is never over!"; and chooses to see every experience as an opportunity for learning and growing.
 ​She finds deep joy and fulfillment as she shares all that she is continuing to learn ​with others.

In 2016, Barbara's opportunity for learning to overcome obstacles was greatly increased when she was diagnosed with Waldenstrom's Macrobulinemia, a rare form of Lymphoma. She says that this cancer has been her "Black Belt Teacher" that has been a catalyst for improving the quality of her life. She steps up to meet it daily on the mat, and continues to manage this health challenge successfully as of this writing. It challenges her to walk her talk of finding joy, love, beauty and goodness in life in the present moment, in spite of whatever the circumstances may be.

Her experience also has helped her develop more understanding and compassion for her clients and others who may be dealing with challenging health issues, and to develop even more self-help, transformative services and tools that promote self-love, self-care, healing,and well-being for herself and others, in addition to whatever medical care may also be required.

In addition to her professional services, Barbara is a member of several organizations which promote the care and well-being of the environment of Planet Earth and all the different life forms on it, including
​The Pachamama Alliance (which supports the indigenous people and rain forests in the jungle of Ecuador, which enchanted her when she visited the area; Greenpeace (which supports marine animals and the ocean that she loves), and the Sierra Club.​

She also finds great joy in spending as much time as possible outdoors communing with nature; especially walking barefoot in the nearby ocean, walking in the mountains, woods and desert, and taking nature photos. ​Other favorites include dancing, playing the piano, various drums and percussion, and enjoying her two rescued cats.

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