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  Claim YourJoy...No Matter What!
with Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC  
                      ~ Joy Guide ~

​​Barbara Lovejoy offers a wide variety of professional services and transformational tools for brightening up her client's lives as a ​Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Certified Qigong Teacher, and Workshop Facilitator. She customizes her one-on-one sessions and programs to meet the unique needs of each client and group.

As a speaker, she is known for her inspirational, warm, and upbeat connection with her group members, while delivering ​life-enriching, practical content that they can draw on long afterwards.
​Her coaching clients appreciate her compassionate, intuitive and empowering support.
​Her clients have included corporate groups, non-profit service organizations, professional and private groups, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.​

Theresa Weber, a Training Manager for Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, said after
​Barbara's Keynote Workshop at their National Annual Conference:

"You were just what we needed at this time. Invigorating presentation! I look forward to our paths meeting in the future as we explore other seminars you might present for Make-A-Wish."

A Coaching client said,

"Your loving manner created a safe space for me to let go of some long-standing thought patterns that were holding me back. The effects are still continuing. I wish everyone could experience your caring, highly effective methods."
~ Sheryl Kathryn Leighton, Attorney at Law​​​​

​​​Barbara began her professional career in the field of Personal and Spiritual Growth & Transformation in 1972, as a Certified Teacher of meditation and healing energy work in a Spiritual/Metaphysical Holistic School. Her life had dramatically transformed with the teachings and tools learned there, and she felt her purpose was to share them with many others.

By chance, she discovered her love and natural ability for speaking to groups when the School wanted to expand their clientele, and asked her to present introductory sessions to various spiritual and other groups in the local community. ​​

Barbara sees herself as a continual learner on the path of Life, Love and Joy, which as she says,
​" is never over!". 
​​She continues to find deep joy and fulfillment as she shares all that she has learned
​with others.

In addition to career, Barbara is a member of several organizations which promote the care and well-being of Planet Earth and all the different life forms on it, plus the environment, i.e.:
​The Pachamama Alliance (supports the indigenous people and rainforests in the jungle of Ecuador, which enchanted her when she visited the area; Greenpeace (supports marine animals in the ocean that she loves), and the Sierra Club.​

She also finds great joy in spending as much time as possible outdoors hiking and communing with nature; walking barefoot in the nearby ocean and watching glorious sunsets; ​dancing, playing the piano and various drums and percussion, and playing with her cat "Angel".​

Speaking and Workshop Clients have included:

- Make-A-Wish Foundation of America:  Keynote break-out program for National Conference.
- American Academy of Pediatrics Regional Conferences: break-out workshops for three locations.
- International Association of Business Communicators (IABC): workshop for annual National Conference.
- International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy Conference: workshop.
- United Airlines: Management coaching and consulting for staff member.
- Levi Strauss: Stress Management workshop.
- John F. Kennedy University: Adjunct Faculty: various classes and presentations, while serving as
  Chairperson of the Graduate School for Holistic Studies.

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