QIGONG (Yuan Gong form) is a body-mind practice that releases stress, increases energy and vitality, and improves health and well-being on all levels -- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Qigong is very easy to learn and pleasurable to do.

Slow, graceful, meditative-like movements tap the source of energy that animates all life, Qi (pronounced "chee") --- and distribute it through-out the physical body, deep into all organs and cells, also affecting the conscious mind.
The methods relax and vitalize at the same time.

• Deep physical relaxation and calming of emotions and mind for being centered, grounded and peaceful.
• Recharging and renewal of our "inner batteries": increases core energy levels for enhanced health, vitality and longevity.
• Self-healing and self-nurturing. Strengthening the immune system. Improved cardiovascular, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, and digestive  
• Happiness, balance and flow: enhanced ability to move through life with more harmony, ease and joy, regardless of outer circumstances.
• Experiencing our connection and Oneness with all life.

GROUP CLASSES are available for adults of all abilities and ages, beginner to advanced.
New classes are forming soon: stop by again for current schedules.

Qigong can be practiced standing, sitting, or lying down, according to your physical needs.
Private classes are also available.

WATCH: Demo Video (three minutes) by Yuan Tze, originator of Yuan Gong: http://yuantzecentre.com/watch/yuan-gong/

Other Qigong offerings include:

      Popular titles include:
                 • Qigong for Health & Happiness: Release your Stress, Renew your Zest!
                 • Relax and Renew with Qigong

NOTE: Talks and programs may focus on Qigong methods exclusively, or use Qigong combined with various topics and self-help tools for health and well-being, according to the needs of your group...such as a Claim Joy topic, or Laughter Play Yoga.

Background: Barbara has been Certified by Yuan Tze, the originator of the Yuan Gong style, to teach Level One of Yuan Gong           Qigong, which consists of the forms Tian Yuan and Di Yuan.

     Qigong is an ancient practice that's highly effective for modern times, originating more than 5,000 years ago in China.
     It is the foundation upon which Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture developed. 
     Tai Chi, a martial art, also evolved from Qigong.
     Qigong is widely practiced today in China’s clinics and hospitals, and worldwide.

     For a deeper, theoretical explanation of Qi and of Yuan Gong Qigong,
     and to see demo videos of many of the methods of Yuan Gong Qigong, visit Yuan Tze's website:    


     "I love Barbara's classes! She is a serious, but always smiling teacher who definitely walks her talk. The 'Qi Field' we create
      together at every class is vibrant and palpable. I always leave feeling filled with strong Qi energy, uplifted and grateful for
      another healing class." ~ Jane Karp

      "Barbara is a true guide to travel the 'Qi Highway to the Heavens' and bring it back to earth and the body. I have a movement
       disability, and she has a magical ability to help me work with the Qi energy inside myself. I feel more freedom in moving,
       and have less pain with each class. Qigong touches my soul." ~ M.M.

      "Barbara is opening new Qi doors for me, which I'm continually amazed to discover after twenty-two years of
       involvement with Qigong. I feel thankful and honored for this wonderful class." ~ Mary Desantis

                                               I'd love to share the Joy of Qi with you! 
                                        For more information or to schedule, contact me:

760.536.9219 ~ San Marcos, CA

Barbara Lovejoy, MSW



Qigong for Health, Happiness and  
           Whole Life Well-Being

Release your stress, renew your zest!

                                                    Barbara Lovejoy, MSW
                                        Certified Yuan Gong® Qigong Teacher