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We offer a wholistic, integrative approach for Body-Mind-Spirit that enhances Life Balance, Ease & Flow, and Joyful Well-Being.

All Sessions, Talks and Programs below are custom-designed, according to the unique needs and desires of each client.
The client (both individuals and specific groups and organizations) might use one or a combination of the various modalities in the list described below.​

• Clients may also focus on topics relating to specific life areas of their choice, including: personal and spiritual growth and transformation; stress release; health, self-healing and well-being; relationships; work and career; life balance; recreation and fun; life transitions and celebrations.
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Life Coaching and Counseling for body-heart-mind-spirit, in any area of your life, as above.
 Stay on track to reach your goals and enjoy your journey along the way. Get empathic support, structure and accountability. Clarify your desires and goals, and release roadblocks in the way of realizing your heart's desires and dreams. Balance your Life for success and fulfillment. Enjoy each step of your journey.
See Coaching Tab.

• Laughter Play® Yoga for Health & Joy: Group Playshops and one-on-one coaching available.
     Free your playful, creative spirit, lighten up your life, release stress, and renew your zest!
    ​Experience how "Laughter is  the Best Medicine"
 for creating a healthy life -- documented by research.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) -- known as "Energy Psychology", it quickly and easily releases stress, unwanted emotions and beliefs, feeling stuck, and roadblocks on your way to joy, well-being and success. Bypasses years of  talk therapy.

The Sedona Method© for Letting Go -- another quick, easy technique to let go in the moment: stress, negative thoughts and feelings, beliefs, stuckness. Especially effective when combined with EFT.

Voice Dialogue -- Increases self-awareness of our many different "inner selves", and how to effectively manage and integrate them into a harmonious team. Effectively releases inner conflicts and self-sabotage.     
​Building your "inner support team" helps you take focused action and move forward towards your goals and well-being. Informative and fun.

Stress Release and Energy Renewal sessions: draws on a rich variety of tools, according to your unique needs, for body-mind-spirit 
healing and well-being, including: guided visualization, breath work, meditations, Qigong, Laughter Yoga and Chi energy healing.

Inner Critic Management -- Practical and powerful tools to stop the self-sabotage of the  "Inner Critic" and take charge of your life. Supports
self-love and acceptance, and gives you full permission to be happy and follow your own path of joy.

Intuitive Card Readings: Includes Spirit Animal Readings and Angel Readings.   A powerful way to access your Higher Guidance for clarity, insight and direction.    * Interactive, illuminating and fun.
   *  A great gift for family and friends!

Chi Energy Healing Sessions ~ Release physical and emotional pain, discomfort and dis-ease;
                                                        re-energize and re- vitalize body-mind-spirit

       Services and Programs by ZOOM, phone and in person
Speaking & Workshop Programs for groups, companies & organizations.
Note:​ Special Programs may be custom-designed, according to the needs of you group, using one or a combination of any of the modalities on this webpage, for your preferred length of time.

• Claim Your Joy Now...Be Happy No Matter What!​ (Speaking & Programs).

• Make the One-Minute Joy Shift: Transform your Stress to Zest.​​ (Speaking & Programs).

• Laughter Play® Yoga groups for Health & Joy. "Laughter is the Best Medicine" (One hour; programs also for half and full day; week-end retreats. Weekly groups.
Talks and full programs of any length.

​• Qigong Groups. Instruction in Yuan Gong method by Yuan Tze.  One-on-one Qigong sessions also available.

Chi Energy Healing Circles.

Balance Your Life For Success, Health and Joy

​• Fire Your Inner Critic and Enjoy Your Life

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Claim Your Joy Now...no matter what! 
Lighten Up, Live The Life You Love, and Thrive ~ with Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC