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DISCOVER how to make conscious, healthy choices for the life you truly desire in your heart and soul.             

       It's my joy and honor to assist you in discovering and following your own, unique path...
       A path to the joy that's your essential nature, birthright, and the full expression of your Best Self and Potential.
       Working together as a co-creative team gives you full permission to love yourself
       enough to allow yourself to be happy, successful and peaceful from inside out...no matter what the circumstances.

       And the more you feel joyful, peaceful and fulfilled within, the more easily you'll create
       a life you love to live, and make your full contribution to All.

       We'll design a plan to achieve your own, heart and soul-centered goals and dreams in all areas
       of your life --

       I offer a wide variety of transformative tools so you may gently remove whatever
       blocks are in the way.
       Transform fear and self-doubt to love, confidence, and enthusiasm for the journey.

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Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC



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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can,
   begin it. Boldness has genius, power
         and magic in it. Begin it now!"
                                             ~ Goethe

Claim Joy...no matter what is happening!
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Services Offered: Click on the links below for more information.

Whole Life Coaching and Counseling - insightful, effective support for any matters of body, heart, mind, and                                                                  spirit.

Laughter~Play Yoga-- Playshops and/or coaching to experience how laughter is the best medicine for
      your health and well-being. Free up your playful, childlike self for laughter, joy, self-healing, freeing    spontaneity and creativity, and to lighten up your life in all ways.

Qigong and Qi Healing -
Self-healing, relaxation, energy renewal, radiant health and well-being. Group classes,  
      private sessions. Keynote talks and custom-designed programs for your organization, group or event.

Speaking, Workshops, Retreats - Custom-Designed fo
r your organization, on the topic(s) of your choice.

The Sedona Method© for Letting Go - Barbara is trained to coach Levels 1 and 2 of the Sedona Method by its founder, Hale Dwoskin. A body-mind energy method that easily and quickly releases stress,  emotions, and thoughts and beliefs that block your well-being, balance and joy. This link takes you to Hale's website for background information.

Voice Dialogue - Barbara has been trained to facilitate Voice Dialogue by its founders, Drs. Hale and Sidra Stone. This method gives you a way to understand and manage the many "inner selves" that are facets of the total jewel that your are. Benefits include greater self-awareness, whole-self balance and integration, increased expression of your full potential by removing inner conflict and self-sabotage, and greater personal freedom to be fully our best Self.

Inner Critic Management - Tools to stop the judgment and self-sabotage of the "inner kill-joy", so that you're free to
       love and accept yourself for who you truly are, achieve your goals and dreams, and live the life you truly love.

Spirit Animal Readings: Access your inner guidance, protection and support for clarity, insight and direction in all aspects of your life. Interactive and illuminating.
Barbara Lovejoy, MSW

Speaker • Workshop Leader
Certified Life Coach
Certified Laughter Yoga Leader
Certified Qigong Teacher