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   About Barbara Lovejoy,

My Purpose is to help people discover and express their own unique path of full potential living...a path
of essential, heart-full love and joy that unfolds from inside out. A path that offers integrative health of
body-heart-mind-spirit, everyday well-being, vibrant aliveness, rich creative expression, and
deep fulfillment.

My services empower people to discover and embrace who they truly are, to connect with their heart's true desires, to honor their truth by making conscious, healthy choices, and to free themselves from blocks along the way.

And most importantly, I help others claim their personal power to consciously choose the life they want to live.

From "Stoic Surviving" to "Light-Hearted Thriving": If living in joy and being happy isn't your natural default position, I know what that's like. For many of us, we have had to learn that it's up to us to decide how much joy and happiness and success we will allow and receive in our lives. We can learn that ultimately, it's up to US to give ourselves permission to be happy, to thrive abundantly, and to receive the love and joy that's our natural heritage.

Giving ourselves permission to have abundant joy and well-being involves examining and clearing all of the false, distorted conditioning, beliefs and patterns that run us. Claiming our freedom is what I love helping others do, as I continue to do to do so for myself. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance".

Like many of us, much of the early conditioning I received from well-meaning family, teachers, religious leaders and doctrines, and society norms, caused me to believe that it wasn't really OK for me to be very happy while so many in the world were suffering and had suffered, including my ancestors. Growing up in a Jewish family during World War II added to my guilt about feeling very good and having nice things, when I heard how children were starving. I learned to put "duty before pleasure", to bypass my feelings and needs and focus on taking care of others as a way to stay "in God's good graces". I shut down my natural joy and emotions, and overly focused on my intellectual nature as a survival method to avoid feeling the pain in my body and heart.

Yet from the time I was young, I was always searching for the answers to questions such as "Who am I", "What's it all about?", and "Whats the meaning of my life?" ...and seeking for the happiness and meaning to life that seemed to elude me.  Over the many years, I passionately persevered to free myself from false conditioning and patterns that had disconnected me from experiencing my true nature and oneness with all life. With the help of many books, teachers, therapists, teachings and processes over the years, I was supported in my quest for self-discovery, self-healing, transformation, self-acceptance and love, and a gradual opening to the inner, natural joy and peace that I now know are essential aspects of our True Nature, as our given birthright.

When I was given a medical diagnosis of cancer in 2016, my inner growth process was highly accelerated as my world turned upside down. I was deeply challenged to "walk the talk" of feeling joy and peace no matter what was going on, and to find my calm center in the storm. In the future, I will be writing more about my healing journey and how I've been successfully "dancing with cancer". For now, I'll say that I have come to relate to cancer as my "Black Belt" teacher, who I meet on the mat every day. I choose to see this condition as an incredible challenge and opportunity to live my life to the fullest, in every way, day by day...and to experience my connection with Source energy through a wide variety of ways that I share with my clients.

One of the most important discoveries I've made during my healing journey is the incredible healing power of laughter, joy, and childlike creative spontaneous expression -- for body, mind and spirit. And how giving myself permission to balance my life for having more joy and play has been a major key in my healing process and enjoyment of life.

After having great fun in Laughter Yoga groups, I became a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader to share this healing power of laughter with others. For more information, see
my LaughterPlay® Yoga web page:

Professional Background, Training, Degrees:  

Barbara's eclectic professional training reflects her wide variety of pursuits in the areas of personal/spiritual growth and development, wholistic well-being, healing and transformation. For more than forty years, she has offered her services to both individuals and groups, wearing many hats as a licensed psychotherapist, psycho-spiritual counselor, Certified Life Coach, professional speaker, workshop leader, group facilitator, Certified Qigong teacher, energy worker, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and academic administrator and faculty member.

She is a former Chairperson of the Graduate School of Holistic Health Studies at John F. Kennedy University, where she also was Adjunct Faculty and a lecturer in the Department of Liberal Arts.

Barbara presents custom-designed keynotes, workshops and retreats on a wide variety of topics.
She is available to travel to audiences nationwide.

She is self-employed and maintains her Claim Joy! Coaching and Consulting business in Petaluma, CA.
Her services are also available by phone and Skype.

(See the "Services" page and "Home Page" for more about her offerings.)

Speaking and Workshop Clients have included:

-- Make-A-Wish Foundation of America: Keynote Break-out Workshop for National Conference.
- International Coaches Federation: workshop for National Conference.
- American Academy of Pediatrics Regional Conferences: break-out workshops.
- International Association of Business Communicators (IABC): workshop for National Conference.
- International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy Conference: workshop
- United Airlines: Management coaching and consulting.
- Levi Strauss: Stress Management workshop.
- John F. Kennedy University: Adjunct Faculty: various classes and presentations.

Academic Degrees include:
-- BA Degree -- Washington University. St. Louis, Missouri.
-- MA Degree, French -- University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.
-- MSW Degree, Clinical Social Work. University of California, Los Angeles.

Certification and Training Certificates include:
--Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW); currently retired in good standing.
--Certified Co-Active Professional Coach (CCPC); Coaches Training Institute, San Rafael, CA.
--Certified Qigong Teacher (Yuan Gong Method, Level I). by Yuan Tze, New Zealand.
--Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, in the tradition of the founder, Dr. Madan Kataria.
--Professional Coach, Level II Training -- The Sedona Method. By Hale Dwoskin, Sedona, Arizona.
--Voice Dialogue Facilitator. Training Certificates by Drs. Hale and Sidra Stone.
--Medical Hypnotherapy Certificate --Los Gatos Hypnotherapy Institute
--Reiki Master Level II Certificate.
--Drum Circle Facilitator. Training Certificate, Arthur Hull.
--Certificate of Training: American Society of Training and Development.

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