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Barbara leads Laughter~Play Yoga from a spirit of serious playfulness that is irresistible. I had a profoundly delightful time.
~ Lee Glickstein, Founder. Speaking Circles International.

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Barbara Lovejoy, MSW, CPCC

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 After attending Barbara’s Laughter Play Yoga funshop, I enthusiastically recommend it to        anyone who would enjoy expressing their joy-filled inner child.
Barbara is a very skilled facilitator who helps bring out the best in us,
and creates an atmosphere of innocence and complete acceptance.
I haven’t laughed this hard and for so long in years! We all had a blast!
Thank you!

~ Bobbi Quana Ryals, San Rafael, CA

I highly recommend Barbara for any healing or inspirational coaching. I feel lighter and freer after every session. When I had grief and fear issues around the possibility of my father dying, in just one EFT/Sedona session I went from feeling devastated and powerless to feeling strong enough to visit him and be a rock of support for my whole family. And when I was facing the possible loss of my 20 year old cat, one releasing session helped me shift from grief into a peaceful acceptance of what is, so I can best celebrate our remaining time together. 
~ Eve, Marin County, CA

Thank you for your very productive break-out session, "Creating Life Balance While Serving Others", at our MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION of AMERICA© Program Services National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I so appreciate your genuine understanding of the material, and upbeat manner of presenting. Some of the favorable comments I've heard about your workshop include, "You were just what I needed at this time." "There is hope". "Invigorating presentation. I feel refreshed and optimistic." I look forward to our paths meeting in the future as we explore other seminars you might present for Make-A-Wish.
Theresa Weber, Training Manager, Make-A-Wish Foundation of America  
Barbara, thank you so much for the magnificently uplifting Sedona Method©  releasing session. Your loving manner created a safe space for me to let go of some long-standing thought patterns that were holding me back. I was amazed at how quickly you tuned in to my special situation, and also how smoothly you helped me release what was in my way. The whole process felt effortless and uplifting from beginning to end. The effects are still continuing. I wish everyone could experience your caring, highly effective methods. I feel blessed that I met you. 
~ Sheryl Kathryn Leighton, Attorney at Law

Your coaching supported me to have the courage to take the necessary risks during my career transition. Working with my "Inner Critic" kept me moving through self-sabotage and fear, and built up my self-confidence. I especially appreciate your enthusiastic, upbeat approach.

~ E.C, Vice President, Health Care System  

Barbara Lovejoy is one of our trainers at NoonTime University, and presents our professional development seminars to managers and employees at a wide variety of organizations. Training topics include Managing Change, and Stress Management. Her evaluations have been consistently positive. Participants responded with appreciation for her personable, energetic presentation style, her solid knowledge of the material, and her flexibility in responding to questions and needs of the group. I have experienced her to be very reliable, and highly committed to personal and professional growth and development. I strongly recommend Barbara for a position involving teaching and training.
~ Betty Burr, President, NoonTime University  
Barbara, as you know, over the past months I have been evolving quickly and amazingly to be much more freer, more powerful and more capable of creating my own life in a way that pleases me. The rapidity and ease of these changes have been largely due to your sensitive guidance. You have given me invaluable help in understanding myself and my needs. I recommend you most highly as a coach and counselor.
~ S.W., Engineer    

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Barbara is a gentle and powerful spirit devoted to bringing more joy into the world! Her smile and laughter are truly contagious. She’s a wonderful teacher, bringing her years of experience in many different arenas to her Laughter Yoga classes, and a delightful addition to the Laughter Yoga family.
~ Teresa Corrigan, R.N., M.A., C.L.Y.T. - Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher-Trainer

"We are so grateful for Barbara Lovejoy's presentation to our cancer group. She reminded us that no matter what, there is always joy to be found. She coaxed the laughter out of us, and we felt the benefits long after the class was over.
Life just seems lighter and brighter! I highly recommend this Giggle Goddess; she is adept in facilitating a LY session for all ages and walks of life!"
~ Ann Grace MacMullan, Wellness Program Director; International Waldenstrom's Foundation (IWMF)

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